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23rd January 2019 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Counselling Help?

People are often sceptical as to the usefulness of counselling (so was I when I started my own personal counselling) but I can now say with confidence that most people, as I did, will have experienced some sort of "shift" even after a few sessions.

How Long Does Counselling Take?

The number of sessions willl vary depending upon you as a person and the issues you bring. Counselling is a process in which you, as the client, is in charge. You set the pace and how deep you want to go is always your choice. As a Person Centered Existential Counsellor I stay with the issues you bring. We will work together to establish how long is right for you and we will review your theraphy on a regular basis.
It is important for us to agree in advance when the counselling will end so that we can have a "proper" ending.