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23rd January 2019 

What is counselling?

Counselling involves talking to a trained counsellor/therapist in total confidence about matters that really concern you. As you explore your issues, you will be able to understand more about who you are, how you relate to other people and how you operate in the world. Increased self-awareness will help you to live a more fulfilling and resourceful life.

Counselling and therapy does not mean giving advice but it is a slow process of getting to know yourself.

As a Person Centred Existential Counsellor, I believe we all have the potential for personal growth and self-awareness and we all have the "answers" within ourselves but at certain points in our life we may have become "stuck" not knowing how to "move forward".

This is when counselling may be of benefit to you. We may look at repeat "patterns", how you feel and "are" in relationships. Sometimes we may explore your dreams. In short we will look at whatevever feels important to you.

Occasionally as few as six sessions may be all you need. The sessions normally take place once a week lasting one hour.